Paul Deng


I am an economist and an investment manager at Mogao Capital, a private investment fund that specializes in global value investing.  Prior to my investing adventure, I was a professor of economics for five years at Copenhagen Business School, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  For a brief period, I also worked at two leading investment firms: PanAgora Asset Managment and State Street Global Advisors, both located in Boston, United States.

I hold a Ph.D. degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University.  I received my Master’s degree in Economics from Baylor University, and Bachelor’s degree from Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautics.

I was born in Chengdu, a charming city in southwestern China, and a city with rich history.  I lived all my youngster years there until I went off to college at eighteen.  In college, I met my future wife, Josephine, and we soon got married after graduation.  Then, we started out a journey abroad.  But we didn’t know then it would be for full sixteen years!

Looking back, all in all, it has been some really good years, with lots of fun memories. I am grateful that we had the chance to travel this far.  It was a heck of a circle around the globe!  Now we are working and living in Hong Kong.  I am happy to be back close to home.

Last updated on Jan. 31, 2018.